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New York, New York!

Spent a busy four days in the Big Apple last month, with plenty of architecture, walking, eating, taxi riding, sweating, people watching, park sitting, money spending, clothes buying, bagel eating, night life, cross walking, UniQlo-ing, and most importantly — picture taking. And this is only Part 1/2.

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Guyana — Day 1 / 2

Day 1 of our trip was a travel day. About 10cm of snow fell earlier in the night; perfect timing for us to leave the city to warmer climate. As it snowed overnight, the roads were plowed and clear by the evening when we went to the airport. Our good friend had offered to pick us up and drop us off; thank you once again! We went through check-in and security with an ease and boarded our 10pm flight to Cheddi Jagan Airport in Georgetown, Guyana!

We touched down at the Airport at 7am to start off Day 2 of our trip. We were greeted by my Wife’s Aunt and also a 12yr old boy named Kevin (who I will talk more about in later posts). We were then whisked away and loaded up into a mini-bus and had an adventurous trip into Georgetown in the hot weather. Most cars and buildings didn’t have air conditioning, so it was a good idea that we brought extra shirts to change. But we soon got used to the weather, and the weather averaging 30 degrees (feeling like 40 with the humidity) felt nice against the skin.

After a brief stop into town to pay for an excursion, we headed back to our Aunt’s house. We settled in, had some lunch, and simply relaxed. After a night of travelling, it was nice to sit in a hammock and swing back and forth while listening to the palm trees rustle in the air.

The last time my Wife had seen her Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin was 15 years ago, so it was a reunion for her, and this was my first time meeting them, but it honestly felt as if we grew up together and had always talked.

We “met” her cousin when he got home from work and for the rest of the evening, we visited some other family close by, talked, and relaxed.